About Our Company


Insight Sciences is a small firm focused on delivering big applications. We leverage an impressive array of cutting-edge technology to enable small agile teams to produce amazing applications quickly. We use OutSystems to build mobile apps and their back-end services. We use KNIME to build analytic workflows to generate predictive models to leverage into mobile applications to improve the consumer experience through increased engagement and the presentment of content that is Actionable, Relevant, and timely.


Rapid Prototyping and Delivery

Areas of Expertise


Insight Sciences offers business management consulting with relation to strategy, marketing, sales, operation, product design particularly specializing in the use of analytic and statistic models for the understanding and predicting of consumers, businesses, and market trends and actions.

Casino Loyalty Programs - ETL, Data Warehouse, Analytics and Reporting to enhance customer engagement

Automated Marketing Programs - Designed and managed the development of a sophisticated multi-channel marketing platform

Financial Underwriting - Used traditional and new deep-learning techniques to build underwriting scorecards

Credit Score Estimator - Used machine learning and data from major credit bureau to estimate credit score change based on change in consumer behavior and actions with 95% accuracy. Produced models for estimating both FICO and Vantage Score changes.

Consumer Engagement Scores - Generate scores for Actionability, Relevancy and Timeliness for consumer offers to enhance consumer engagement and product line profitability.